Toilet Training Techniques

If you are a devoted parent, I think you are anxious to teach your beloved baby how to make his way through life and all, but at that age, children should learn first the basics. In some families, parents actually take recordings with their children when they’re doing it for the first time, that record being kept for years until the child grows up and the parents show it to him. Nevertheless, you should know that you must take your time. Pretty much, there’s no child in this whole world that has learnt from the first time, you must repeat this process every day. These are the basic toilet training techniques: Grab your babys hand and tell him to follow you (he will do it anyway); walk with him gently to the bathroom. With rudimentary finger pointing gestures show him the toilet seat, lift him up and place him on it. See if he likes it (after some time of course), repeat if you think its necessary, but, there’s an alternative too. You can buy special designed toilet seats for children, starting from 34 dollars and up.


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