Toenail Fungus Treatment Facts: How Does a Toenail Fungal Infection Start?

In order for toenail fungus treatment to work effectively, one must always take a look at the cause of the problem. We all know that this type of disease is caused by a fungus, but when and where does it usually start? Experts believe that this fungus usually hangs out at places where it is warm and moist, the perfect habitat for disease-carrying fungi. Where exactly is this? One of the best places where toenail fungus exist is the public shower. If people with toenail fungus are known to bathe frequently at public baths, then you should definitely stay away from such a place! The fungus gain entry to your toenails through skin cuts or by entering inside the nail. People with low immune system are also prone to toenail fungus infection.

So once the fungus gains entry inside the nails, what happens then? These fungi will start eating keratin, the protein responsible for making nails hard. The nails need keratin in order to grow. This will be the time that you will notice discoloration of your nails, itching, inflammation, and nail thickening, and pus is seen within the nails. Your nails will start to appear cracked and brittle. Now that you know how it is transmitted, it is up to you to prevent toenail infection from spreading.

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