The Mystery Box

Our company celebrated its 5oth anniversary. A grand party was organized in a five star hotel. There were reservations for one hundred persons.

Being in an insurance company, we have a lot of clients. Most of the guests were the presidents of the companies we were serving. The party consisted of three parts. First was the welcome part were guests registered and had name tags. The president welcomed them with a speech. Second part was the program. There were entertainment and games. An all male band played the music and during intermission, games were held. In one of the intermission, a magician performed his magical tricks. I was curious about the two ottoman benches, where he pulled all the items for his magic tricks. It was pretty amazing. After this, dinner was served. The singer continued to entertain the guest until it was farewell time.

The party was a successful one. It was mostly our treat to our valued customers.


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