The Golden Age for Natural Gas

It has recently been declared that the next generation will be the golden age for natural gas. That is because it’s the next major energy source for the US. You can go long by investing in a natural gas ETF. Here are some of the reasons for the long gas play. It will probably be the next big fossil fuel.

I mention the ETF because this is a way to invest in the sector without having to pick good stocks to invest in for this sector. There is only one equities fund right now. The rest invest in commodities futures, which may not be something you would want to do.

I like gas because it’s found in plenty here in the US. Domestic drilling is accounting for most of our supply levels. According to experts, we have enough reserves to run our economy for about a century. As energy efficient technologies take hold, it may even go longer than that.

This takes us off our dependence on foreign oil. That is big politically and for our own national security. This alone should be enough for the US to have an energy policy around natural gas. It’s ludicrous we don’t have it already. Iran has it for the same exact reasons. They are a major exporter of gas and they don’t want to be dependent on other countries for their energy. They don’t even want to depend on their other brothers in the Middle East. That has to say something.

There are a lot of new technologies that are taking advantage of gas. There is a ton of it to be found here in the US and in Canada. We just need to work through the whole hydro fracturing drilling thing and public health. It’s important to protect the public, but you should do it in a way it coincides with drilling.

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