Ten Tips for College Students That Buy Textbooks Online

We all know how difficult it’s to find money these days; this is a big problem for college students who have to buy college textbooks that are inexplicably expensive. These tips will help college students massively in cutting textbook costs.

The biggest, single tip is this: Use the internet to find and buy textbooks. It’s such a simple thing that you must be wondering why you didn’t think up of it before. But that too, isn’t as simple as it appears, the following tips will help you find the best deals and make sure you stay safe when you buy textbooks online.

1) BUY TEXTBOOKS EARLY. Make sure you leave a good margin for error; you need to have time for fix up if something goes wrong. Another thing is, since most college students start to buy textbooks in the last moment, the demand rises rapidly and so does the prices. So buy textbooks early. You shouldn’t worry if your college supplies the book lists a bit late, you can always build it up by asking senior students or professors. This effort will well be worth it.

2) BUY TEXTBOOKS USED. Used books are obviously cheaper. It’s typical to find savings exceeding $50.

3) TRY TO BUY OLDER EDITIONS. Books on subjects like elementary biology, physics and chemistry change very little over time. So buying old books on such subjects is unlikely to have any adverse effects. You might discover such books for trivial amounts in the likes of even $1.

4) BUY INTERNATIONAL EDITIONS. International edition textbooks are books that are intended to be sold and used outside America and Canada. These books are usually softcover, printed in black and white and therefore lots cheaper. But you might be breaking legal contracts such as trademarks and copyrights by buying these!

5) SEARCH FOR BOOKS USING THE ISBN NUMBER. The ISBN number is a number that uniquely identifies books. This number is available for every book that has been published after 1970. If you use the ISBN number instead of author / publisher name when looking for books, you can be 100% sure that the book you found is the exact book you are looking for.

6) LOOK FOR FREE SHIPPING. Most book sellers offer free shipping within the US (maybe because shipping within the US costs less than $4). So look for such deals when you buy textbooks. It’s kind of like getting a discount for the books.

7) COMPARE PRICES IN DIFFERENT PLACES. compare book prices before buying on different sites and try to find the best deals.

BUY FROM LOCAL SELLERS. Always try to find sellers close to your area when you buy textbooks; this will reduce the shipping / delivery fees. Also it would be better for the environment.

9) SELL BOOKS AFTER YOU ARE DONE USING THEM. You might even be able to sell your books right back to the seller you bought them from. Investigate the site to see if they have a buyback program. Generally shipping is free and you’ll get paid as soon they receive the books.

10) LOOK AFTER THE BOOKS WELL. The resale value of your books depends on the condition they are in; the better your book looks, the higher others will be willing to pay for it.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll end up with more money at the end of the year and more time at your disposal to do all those crazy things every college student dreams of doing. Not to mention the pleasure of having used the modern way to buy textbooks!

If you buy textbooks online, you’ll never buy textbooks any other way!

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