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and how might you be?

You know, I was going to post something substantive and clever, but then I realized that I left the diapers at home. The office is now somewhat…odoriferous. Thusly, I leave you with these three things:
1. I posted a new video rant - scroll down if you’re on my site, or go see it on Viddler, [...]

these words don’t write themselves

Taking a break from the novel, seeing as I’m premenstrual and liable to begin using the delete key in a decidedly unhelpful manner. A long time ago I figured out that my creativity is cyclical, and trying to force it along is always, always a huge mistake.
Besides, I’ve got work projects [...]

classic creme cookies

You know, I don’t like Oreos much, but these Back to Nature Classic Creme cookies? Dude, they are the bomb. Not So says they taste insufficiently Oreo-like, but I love them with the heat of a thousand suns.
I am eating some right now. In case you were wondering where that came from.
In other news, [...]


I am full of tired. We just got back from a baby shower for one of Not So’s coworkers, which was a surprising amount of fun (I say ’surprising’ because I usually shrink in fear from social occasions which involve people I don’t know). Happy Fun Baby ran around with the other kids and had [...]