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slightly less unhealthy banana bread

In Slightly Less Unhealthy news, I made banana bread for the first time in the new house. It tasted much the same as the banana bread I used to make in the old house. I know you are surprised.

Here’s the recipe, for those of you who like that kind of thing:
1 stick room temperature unsalted [...]

refine this

In Slightly Less Unhealthy news, I’ve once again decided to go on a fresh food/less sugar kick. The reasons are similar to last time (moodiness exacerbated by sugar, extreme crankiness, general sense of malaise) but with one added bit: low sugar diets can help with migraines.
Studies show that when a migraine person eats refined sugar, [...]

i only practice moderation where health food is concerned

Once again, I’m trying to make my diet less like the bottom of a caramel-corn box and more like something made by Morningstar. The problem is sugar. As in, I love it with a deep, abiding passion. It gives me nothing but misery, but I keep coming back. Come on, sugar. Love me the right [...]