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belated tidings of nailpolish

I promised to report back on the nailpolish, didn’t I? Well, it’s a good thing I’m so prompt and not, like, almost a month late on that. Or anything.
Anyway, yes, nailpolish. I luuuurve it. The colors are fab, it’s super shiny, and it lasted forever on my toes. (Fingers = another story, but that’s mostly [...]

keeping up(chuck) with the Joneses

Few things are more unpleasant to throw up than a combination of mostly-digested hamburger and just-eaten cupcake. I speak as a (semi) expert, seeing as I had ample opportunity to compare the relative merits of regurgitated foods during my excruciating stint of morning sickness when I was gestating Happy Fun Baby. (The winner? Cheerios. They [...]

have skitch, will travel

I finally scored a beta invite to Skitch! The happiness, it is all mine. Mine, I tell you. Here’s my first image, all notated and simple-like.

Uploaded with Skitch!

(Yes, I know, the bags under my eyes know no rivals. Have I mentioned I’ve been having dreams that I am a) trying to find an apartment in [...]

lazy people like the holidays too

Santa was good to me this year, if by “Santa” you mean Not So. He got me a sewing machine (I’m thinking of calling her ‘Esme,’ but Not So suggests that it is a boy and should be called ‘Eduardo,’ because we are big, big dorks)(points if you get the ref). He also got me [...]

my kind of fairy

At 11 months (well, almost), Happy Fun Baby’s vocabulary is at a whopping four words: “ghee” for “kitty,” “luh” for “love,” “ba” for “ball” and “da” for “yeah.” “Do you want to go downstairs?” I ask. “Da,” says the baby. It’s like living with a little Russian diplomat.
I’m pretty sure yesterday (and today)’s crying [...]

sleep dep and surprises

The baby woke up at 8am and spent the morning in a series of meltdowns. He’s begun stomping his feet when he’s angry or frustrated. It’s incredibly cute and incredibly endearing and doesn’t he need to be a little older before temper tantrums come into play?
About an hour ago he stopped crying long enough to [...]

best buy loses a customer

So we ordered a desk for the new office from Best Buy at the end of June. It’s an oversize item, so delivery was scheduled through the Best Buy home delivery service. We’ve dealt with them before (when we got the massive TV of doom in 2003) and I remembered the service as being prompt [...]

review of the new yahoo mail

I signed up to beta test the new Yahoo! mail. Apparently the word “beta” is like crack to me. I had no problem with the old Yahoo! mail, aside from the fact that it was ugly and clunky and, you know, not in beta.
Staying in-touch is faster and simpler with the Yahoo! Mail Beta.

It took [...]

more flock love - now with integrated comments!

I just found out that the coComment plugin works with Flock. This kicks all kinds of ass, especially since I just installed the new Firefox beta (I’m a sucker for a beta) as my “other” browser and discovered that the coComment plugin wouldn’t work on it. Because it technically doesn’t exist yet. (It’s really cool, [...]

wow, google *really* owns my soul

The verdict is in.
I wanted to like Dailymotion. In fact, I do like Dailymotion. They’re based in France and have all sorts of international users - the TV commercials alone are enough to make me fall deeply and unreservedly in love, and posting to a blog couldn’t be simpler - two clicks and you’re there. [...]