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not so cranky

Taking a break from blah blah me me blah to post a picture of my kid wrestling with his daddy (since wrestling is what babies do best). Aren’t they the cutest? They are totally the cutest.

My favorite part is how they have matching expressions. Oh, and how Not So is modeling his “not so cranky” [...]

today’s post is brought to you by fluffy kittens

Oh, the internet has been so heavy the last few days, hasn’t it? It’s seemed that way to me, and since my opinion is the only one that matters I will simply assume you’re nodding your head (and possibly composing rhyming odes to my perspicacity). I’ve been feeling all riled-up and opinion-having, but that takes [...]

vote early and vote often

I submitted a photo to JPG Magazine. Vote for me. You know you want to.

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halloweeney goodness

Happy Halloween! We’re not dressing up this year, unless you count the fact that Happy Fun Baby is wearing pumpkin-colored sweatpants. Oh, and I’m going as a frumpy housewife. It’s a costume. No really.
The blogosphere is, as expected, abuzz with seasonal goodness. In addition to seriously cute pictures of wee children in costume, I [...]

lack of creativity = weekend round-up

My creative muscle (which I think is located just below the base of my skull, if the headache is any indicator) has been stretched to the limit this weekend. Not only did I have the beginnings of a final project that kicked my ass all up and down the block, but we’re getting ready to [...]

you take the good, you take the bad…

Last night was a non-sleeping extravaganza. A festival of insomnia. A treasure-trove of wakefulness. Happy Fun Baby apparently has a stuffy nose. I say apparently  because he doesn’t actually seem to have a stuffy nose, but since the only way he would sleep last night was propped up to a practically seated position, I’m forced [...]

the teething chronicles

Happy Fun Baby’s mouth continues to be invaded by what can only be described as teeth. Don’t get me wrong: they’re cute. There’s something inherently endearing about a big, wide-mouthed, three-toothed grin.

But the teething process is obviously painful, and my usually cheerful and pleasant baby has been replaced by a cranky, temperamental, wailing creature [...]

heat wave

It’s beastly hot here today. The high is 99, and already it’s dangerously warm in our little condo. Our house is reasonably well insulated so it’s never unbearable like it was at the old place, but it’s still quite toasty on days when the temperature approaches 100.
My sister (who doesn’t have a fun nickname - [...]

my kid? famous

Just so y’all know, one of my pictures was picked as “Image of the Day”
over at Blogging Baby. This month’s theme is kids and pets, and they
liked one of the Ellison and Savannah pictures I posted:

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kid and kitty

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