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is it monday already?

It’s Monday. And it’s June. How the hell did that happen?
I foolishly jinxed myself a couple of weeks ago by saying - out loud - that I intended to take some time off in June. Now, of course, I am inundated with unsolicited projects, which is lovely, of course, because I love my job, but [...]

better living through chemistry

Yesterday I totally impulse-purchased this Naturalean Complete Day/Night Energizing Cleanse thing from Whole Foods, which promises to “Kick-start your diet in 7 days!” followed by an asterisk, which informs me, sotto voice, that this statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. I figured, why not? My diet is certainly in need [...]

above my means

Zen as I might be about socioeconomic status, there’s still a part of me that gets off on being able to Afford Things. Nice things. Things like my prettypretty BlackBerry Pearl or our multitude of Apple products. That part of me really, really wants to join this snooty athletic club that’s $100 a month and [...]

go ahead and quote me about that quote

I was reading Work Happy today, as I do, and there was a quote from Tiger Woods about his philosophy on life:
The greatest thing about tomorrow is, I will be better than I am today.
And I realized…that’s pretty much the antithesis of the way I look at my life.
If I’m not good at something [...]

quiet, at last

The kid, he naps. Or I guess I should say, “The kid, he doesn’t nap,” because that’s been the issue for much of the afternoon. I’m trying to work, and he’s trying to surgically attach himself to my lap. Conflict? Why, yes. YOU try typing code while someone does his best to pick up items [...]

I am so lazy

How lazy am I, you ask?
I almost just placed an order to have several CDs shipped to me from Fabulous Jackpot Records. Yeah, the one that is located four blocks from my house.
(Note: you could substitute “agoraphobic” for “lazy” and the above sentiment would be the same. But let’s not add new things to my [...]


You ever have one of those days when you realize that you’re never, ever going to look like yourself again?

Okay, that’s not the best example. Try this one:

I don’t even look like I’m related to the person I was ten years ago. I look a little bit like I might have consumed her. Like [...]

process of elevation

You may remember that I started Wellbutrin last week, possibly because I posted a long, involved rant about it (which did not, surprisingly enough, include links to the manufacturer’s website, the Wikipedia page and the article on Mental Health dot com - but rest assured that I read them all, and several more besides).
The [...]

If you’re happy and you know it…you’re not me

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday, during which I thought I’d mention that I was pretty depressed and anxious and might possibly benefit from some sort of pharmaceutical intervention. I also wanted to discuss migraine meds, but a funny thing happens when you mention depression at the doctor’s office: all else is eclipsed by the [...]

fist full of cranky

Man, I’m in a bad mood today. You know those days where everything seems to be arranged in a perfect tableaux of pissing you off? I couldn’t even find the floss. Clearly all my teeth are going to fall out now, which would be the perfect end to a perfect morning, and also prove that [...]