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more flock love - now with integrated comments!

I just found out that the coComment plugin works with Flock. This kicks all kinds of ass, especially since I just installed the new Firefox beta (I’m a sucker for a beta) as my “other” browser and discovered that the coComment plugin wouldn’t work on it. Because it technically doesn’t exist yet. (It’s really cool, [...]

blogging with flock

You can easily blog interesting web content with Flock, in just a few clicks. Example: 1. Highlight a passage on a web page that you would like to blog about. 2. Right-click that selection and choose Blog This. 3. The blog editor opens with that selection already inserted. Not only that, the selection is properly [...]

flock you, too

I’m posting this from Flock, a new browser that’s purportedly part of this whole “Web 2.0″ thing that everyone’s been buzzing about. I don’t understand what’s 2.0 about the web, but that’s because I’ve spent the last year afflicted with mama brain. (Apparently it’s all O’Reilly’s fault. The Web 2.0 thing, not the mama brain. [...]