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substance is in the eye of the beholder

…which I realize now is not a good title, as ’substance’ can go either way there. Whatevs. I stand by it (though at a safe distance).
I have nothing to say tonight, so I don’t know why I am posting. Except, obviously, to provide a public service to my adoring, er, public. (Note to self: invest [...]

in which there is much ranting about Heroes

We started watching Heroes a couple of years ago, and at first we were just gobsmacked by how good it was. But the latest season just blows, and after re-reading the TWOP recaps of past episodes, I’ve got some things to talk about, y’all, and it ain’t pretty. Also: SPOILERS!

another show to obsess over

I’m late to the House…party? Boat? Anything I say here will be punny. Whatev, I started watching House because it was on Hulu and I require constant entertainment from my interwebs. And it’s crazy good, so now I’m all crack-addict about it. I downloaded the pilot from iTunes and watched it last night, in between [...]