Rumours Rumours and More Rumours

The rumours surrounding Amazon’s potential forray into the tablet PC market are continuing to gain momentum. People are no longer speculating about whether or not we will have a tablet anytime soon from Amazon; but instead whether or not we could have two tablets from the online retailer! These rumours seem to have started on the tech web-sites and have now filtered through to the mainstream media, insiders say that these two new tablets are code named the Coyote and the Hollywood. The names could give us an insight as to what to expect from these tablet although this is only going to be more speculation really. The Amazon Coyote is expected to be an entry level more basic tablet that will run on the Nividia Tegra 2 chip set. This is perhaps a way to tempt people into the world of the tablet market, and we think there could be a certain degree of focus on the ebook so it doesn’t seem to new or alien to people that have not had a tablet before.

The other tablet is the Hollywood and this is a much more exciting prospect. It is expected to run on the much more powerful Nividia Tegra 3 and could be a much larger device all together possibly even with a ten inch screen. With a ten inch tablet there is the possibility of watching HD films and with a name like Hollywood this could become the new kindle for movies, this would then make sense of Amazons cloud drive, cloud player and video streaming services. With a price tag of about $449 this would be a low price for such a powerful machine. You never know if Amazon carry on with the idea of putting adverts onto there devices this price could come down even more. It is thought that Amazon wanted to use displays that would switch back and fore between back-lit color and monochrome e-ink however they still don’t quite have the technology yet. We imagine that we could be seeing that type of display on the smaller slate sometime in 2012, which would make it a great ebook reader / tablet.


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