I’d been wondering what happened to Melanie (aka Ellison’s girlfriend - he perks right up the second she comes on the screen) from The Goodnight Show. The last few days there’s just been a voiceover instead of a host. I thought maybe she’d gone on vacation.

Silly me! No, she’s been fired. Apparently several years ago (long before the PBS gig) she did a couple of PSA spoofs called “technical virgin.” Which are…funny. Really funny. And god forbid the host of a children’s show have a sense of humor, right? It’s not like George Carlin ever hosted a PBS kid’s show. Oh wait, he did.

So what are the PBS people worried about? Preschoolers logging in to YouTube, searching for their beloved Melanie, and discovering a PSA about anal sex? Because last time I checked, the under 5 set wasn’t terribly active on the internet. Parents might find Melanie’s video, but even if something she did years ago offends a few parents, how does that make her unfit to host a children’s show?

Melanie was the best thing about The Goodnight Show. Happy Fun Baby loved her. As far as he was concerned, the cartoons were just long commercials in between Melanie spots. And, let’s face it, the cartoons on The Goodnight Show are twee at best, dated and uninteresting at worst (with the exception of Pingu, which is kind of fab). I’m certainly not going to put them on if I know I’m not going to eventually be relieved by Melanie singing one of her stupid songs or doing a silly little dance.

So I guess the moral of this story is: don’t have a sense of humor! You might warp our youth. ::eyeroll::

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