Happy Fun Baby is exercising his vocal cords. Not in the cute ‘listen to me shout!’ way he was yesterday; today it’s all about the screaming. I think he’s mad about the fact that I’m the only one home with him. Yesterday he had mama and daddy and grandma and papa davey. Today: just mama. And everyone knows mama is no fun.

Hey! I know why mama’s no fun! It starts with pre and ends with menstrual. God, how I’ve missed - oh wait. I haven’t missed it. In fact, I’d looked forward to several months of periodlessness (I am breastfeeding, after all) and was unpleasantly surprised last month when it started again. Stupid period. And since then my hormones have been throwing themselves a rave in my brain, complete with lightsticks and bad techno. We’re back! they say. Pass the cupcakes!

Currently I’m cranky and bloated and my self-esteem is actually eating itself. Because god knows the rest of me can’t stop eating. Ha! I am funny. Funny, and tired. So. Tired. Not a productive kind of tired, either; I could sleep for days and I’d still be complaining about how exhausted I am. (Sleep for days. Ha! I am funny again.)

Aside from the wild n’ crazy mood swings, it’s been a pretty good week. We got the office (yay!) and ordered our first set of official business cards (double yay!). I’m almost done with, what, three of our websites? and we signed up for SkypeIn for our business phone. CouldBe Studios is getting off the ground!

Of course, I still feel like I should be doing More, because I always feel like I should be doing More. Like right now: Cranky Baby’s taking a nap (and snoring…SO CUTE) and I could take this time to do some laundry, or work on a template, or work on a design blog post, or clean the kitchen, but do you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to have some pie. Yes, pie. Because my hormones demand it. And what the hormones want, the hormones get.

Except for sleep. I’m certainly not getting much of that.

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