The verdict is in.


I wanted to like Dailymotion. In fact, I do like Dailymotion. They’re based in France and have all sorts of international users - the TV commercials alone are enough to make me fall deeply and unreservedly in love, and posting to a blog couldn’t be simpler - two clicks and you’re there. The only problem (as you can see from this post) is that the video is weirdly resized in the viewer window. I tried uploading a different video and it did the same thing.

VideoEgg looks really, really cool, but it doesn’t want to play with my Panther OS iBook. I might be able to get it working with the iMac, but that’ll need to wait until I get the office set up, and where’s the instant gratification in that? Also, it doesn’t integrate directly with Wordpress. Which is fine, but doesn’t give me any particular impetus to make it work, you know? I may test it out once the iMac’s up and running again, seeing as all the videos will be stored on that hard drive anyway. Or at least I think they will. Moving on.

On a whim, I tried out Google’s video service, and behold: we have video. It’s fast, it’s sized correctly, and it posted in my blog with no problems. (Google, like VideoEgg, doesn’t offer a direct post to Wordpress, but they don’t directly post to anything so I guess that’s okay.)

My choice?

upload your own video icon

Google Video is the clear winner. All hail Google.

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