So I’m in the early stages of trying to decide on an online video service and a calendar service. The two don’t need to be the same. In fact, it would be weird if they were. Videos + dates to remember?

Anyway, the ones I’m looking at are these.


You Tube. Everyone has You Tube, right? And it’s fine. I guess. I just have no feeling about their logo (which, let’s face it, is half the reason I like Flock) and they seem awfully MySpace-y for my taste.

VideoEgg. Now, this is classy looking, but a little delving into the FAQ seems to suggest that you have to use their viewer and the non-premium service uses ads. I don’t like ads, and I don’t want to have to use a proprietary viewer (makes imbedding difficult).

Dailymotion. There are lots of things I like about Dailymotion, not the least of which is it’s from France. All hail web apps that didn’t originate in Silicon Valley! It’s clean, cute, and seems to be exactly what I want. The downside? I’ve never heard of anyone using it.


Google Calendar. Blah blah Google blah. I love Google as a search engine; I’m ambivalent about them for anything else. Their calendar looks fine, but the main drawback as far as I’m concerned is a lack of two-way integration with iCal (but then, none of these is fully integrated with iCal. I don’t know whether to blame Apple or the rest of the world, but blame I do). It’s a pretty calendar, but it feels to mainstream to me.

Kiko. So cute. So cute. Again: I don’t know anyone who uses this, and I got a strange error message when I tried to return to the front page from the demo screen, but it looks good and has some nifty website add-ons.

CalendarHub. I think this is the winner, although I’m going to have to try it out. Unlike the other two it syncs with published iCals (meaning at least I don’t have to continually download and upload my calendars to keep them current). I like the interface (even if it isn’t as cute as Kiko) and it’s a beta, so I can feel all cutting-edge. I can’t tell from the non-member info whether it’s got blog widgets, but I can’t imagine it wouldn’t. I’m signing up for an account now so we’ll see.

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