I used to read. I used to read a lot. I was totally one of those people who was all “Oh, I just read this much because I have to have a constant stream of information going into my brain or it will explode.” You know those people? The people who get made fun of in elementary school because they “always have their nose in a book”? And are constantly mispronouncing big words because they’ve only ever seen them in print? Not that, for example, epitome is a particularly big word; it’s just not pronounced the way it’s spelled, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Then I got pregnant, and my IQ dropped down to roughly 32 points, and then I had the baby but I was really, really tired, and now here we are, six months into the mommy thing and I’ve only read, what, eight actual grown-up sized books in the last year?

Maybe I’m being a bit overly optimistic, but I installed Roblog’s Now Reading to keep track of all the reading I’m not doing. I had installed the Now Reading plugin back in the olden days (before we had these newfangled widgets), but my ineptitude with php and all things code resulted in a relatively useless feature. Now the plugin has its own widget, which simples it up quite a bit. We love widgets. I had no problem getting it up and running. Look! I be smart!

It even has a book review feature - click on a title to see what I thought (or didn’t) about my latest forays into the world of literature. Because I think things. I do.
Someday I might actually have time to read again. In the mean time, maybe I should start reviewing board books…

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