I’m migrating my blog to a more stable server - one I actually pay for, which in Cranky Mama-speak means if it doesn’t work, there’s someone I can bitch to. Free is nice and all, but when the host of your site is basically doing you a favor it’s kind of hard to effectively throw a fit if the site is down more often than it’s up.

In order to switch servers, though, I have to backup my site. Sounds easy, right? I’m good with the FTP mojo, so copying files is no problem. It’s just when I get to the bit about the database that I fully grasp the breadth of my ignorance.

While familiarity with phpMyAdmin is not necessary to backup your WordPress database, these instructions should take you step-by-step through the process of finding phpMyAdmin on your server and then you can follow the instructions below as a simple and easy backup or for more detailed instructions see Backing Up Your Database.
* cPanel
* Direct Admin
* Ensim
* Plesk
* vDeck

WordPress Backups WordPress Codex

Ensim? Plesk? These do not sound like words. They sound like some sort of made-up language. Get the ensim and put it in the plesk, vDeck. Not unlike the old Steve Martin bit about talking wrong around your kid. Yes, I am aware that that particular mental association means that I am very, very old.

So once I get all that figured out (a long, tortuous procedure which involves the highly scientific process of fluttering my eyelashes prettily at my husband, who thinks my lack of database savvy is cute) we’ll get Cranky Mama dot com all relocated. After all, the rest of us have moved; wouldn’t want my blog to feel left out.

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