Mother’s Day is looming in the way that only Mother’s Day can. Last year at this time I was smack dab in the middle of my first trimester, nauseous and miserable and cranky. Not So was gaming, if I recall correctly, so I spent the day nauseous, miserable, cranky and alone. And I didn’t get a card. Not that I am bitter.

This year I am considering an active boycott of the holiday, much in the way that for years I refused to celebrate my birthday. The Mother Game from Uncommon Goods could make me rethink that, however. Am I passive-agressive or overbearing? Can I make it into the will? It’s like the game of Life, only with more pink.

On another note:

Conversation between Cranky Mama and Not So Cranky Dada in the diaper bag aisle of Burlington Coat Factory:

Me: I like this diaper bag, but it’s too small.
Not So: Is it?
Me: The Skip Hop won’t fit inside. It’d be like a purse that says “Baby” on it.
Not So: (fiddling) No, see - it totally fits! (Holds up bag with Skip Hop Pronto - which is really very handy and fits in almost everything except this diaper bag - sticking awkwardly out of top.)
Me: See, but I can’t zip it up. And if I go around with my diaper bag unzipped, someone will come tell me that my baby’s ugly so they can steal my wallet.

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