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Ever since I started getting my groceries delivered from New Seasons, I’ve been fending off Safeway’s increasingly desperate entreaties to resume ordering from them online. “Free delivery!” one email cajoles, while the next wails “Two for one! You can get things two for one!” Today’s missive was particularly pathetic: “Free watermelon with online order!”

A…watermelon. Really. Well, yes, I can see why it would be nice to have one delivered, but that’s just odd.

I know, you’re thinking how tragically bourgeois, having your groceries delivered, but it really isn’t like that, much. We don’t have a car, so our shopping trips tend to be limited to what we can reasonably carry on our persons - which doesn’t tend to be cost-effective in the long run. Also, things like bags of potatoes and boxes of cat litter? Not terribly portable. Or at least not unless that’s the only thing you’re picking up, in which case: bah.

But speaking of bourgeois, we just signed up for a twice-monthly organic local produce delivery from Organics to You. So, yeah. Mock away.

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