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ISO: a bigger brain

So I forced myself to leave the house today, mostly because there’s been a check stuck to the fridge for almost a week that really, really wanted to be deposited. We had a perfectly fun time running errands, Happy Fun Baby and me, but the poor kid was worn out after a trip to the bank and the toy store (because, hey, toy store) that I did not drag him to the Fabulous Jackpot Records store and instead brought him home. Where he so did not fall asleep, opting instead to get more and more hyper and frenetic until I finally had to bodily hold him down in order to get him to take a nap. Now I feel like the world’s worst mother, since I was not exactly a bundle of cheer and good humor while convincing the kid to sleep. Another quarter for the therapy jar. Ping!

Most of the reason I’m so cranky is that I’m trying to find a Flash app for a client’s site, and I *think* some of the ones I located will work, only - and hey, minor detail - I don’t know Flash. I don’t even have Flash, exactly, except that the kind people at the Adobe booth at Voices That Matter gave me a CS3 Web Premium trial disk so I could install it on this computer, assuming a) it doesn’t cause my system to explode and b) I can get a real copy by the end of the month. Which c) I have to do anyway since it’s the last time I’ll be able to use my student discount, without which we would be somewhat less able to afford it. But, so, I’m trying to figure out Flash now, and it isn’t exactly a piece of cake. Especially with a frenetic toddler in the background. (Yes, we’re back to the beginning again.)

I’d like to write, because I had the BEST IDEA EVER while waiting for the bus, but unfortunately it was for the book I’m not currently working on. Dilemma: waste precious NaNoWriMo time on the other book, or risk losing inspiration? Or scrap them both for today since I have to figure out how to program in Flash?


  1. Mary
    Posted November 7, 2007 at 6:59 am | Permalink

    I’ve noticed that it’s a Toddler tendancy to go either into hyped up Awake mode or asleep in a matter of seconds. Finding that magic moment where it’s possible to get them to sleep before they acheive a major meltdown of tears and screaming is hard to find. Sometimes you just have to be the Mean Mommy. We will never forget those moments. Our kids will never remember them.

  2. Posted November 7, 2007 at 1:18 pm | Permalink

    God, I hope you’re right. Something about the Impossibly Hyped-Up Kid just makes my patience go poof.

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