Now that Not So and I have a baby, a full-time job (him) and almost full-time school (me), it’s abundantly clear that we’ve been squandering valuable time with the whole “sleeping” thing. Time that could be used for a start-up. I look back on the lazy days when all we did was work and sleep and occasionally go out dancing and I say ha! Those days will never come again! Not in the forseeable future, anyway!

So far starting a business is much like playing office. When I was a kid, my father rented some office space in Redding to use as a photography studio; the back room still had desks and chairs that the previous tenant had left behind, and my brother and sister and I spent hours back there pretending to be secretaries. Given my subsequent secretary-ness, it was creepily prescient, but at the time - good fun!

Our current business venture is much like that. There’s really no pressure to get anything done, since Not So is keeping his day job and I’m home all day anyway, but I find myself wanting to work on it every free second I have - including when I ought to be sleeping. This is creating new and exciting adventures in insomnia. Happy Fun Baby and I slept until noon today - he was up most of the night doing his Rockettes routine, and I was up envisioning ways to market my design skills. Or maybe it was the other way around. You know how I love to high kick.

Now that I have something to occupy my brain, oddly enough, my depression has receded. Apparently it’s not idle hands that are the problem; it’s idle synapses. Either that or the Zoloft is finally doing its thing. Hard to say, really, and more to the point: who cares? I feel relatively good, and I certainly don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth. (Disgusting saying, that. Also: poor horse.)

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