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the itsy bitsy yogi

I took Happy Fun Baby to his first Itsy Bitsy Tots yoga class on Wednesday. Itsy Bitsy Yoga, in case you don’t know, is yoga for babies: interactive classes in which babies are encouraged to try out various poses, the names of which are chanted in a singsong voice by the parents and instructor, in order to sort of imprint the idea of yoga on the child’s brain and form a foundation for later practice.

Yes, crunchy granola parenting, here I come. I’ve already got the shoes, right?

The class was somewhat less dynamic than I’d hoped. Happy Fun Baby is a really active kid, and the gentle, non-demanding tone of the class didn’t hold his attention for very long. Er - at all. He did think it was pretty cool to run around with the other kids, though. I thought maybe there would be a bit more grown-up yoga along with the baby-centric stuff, but no, we didn’t even really get to stretch. That was disappointing.

The instructor clearly expected the parents (and by “parents” I really mean “moms,” because although the class description was careful to use inclusive and non-gendered language, it was all mamas who showed up) to bond instantly over their shared desires to instill their offspring with inner peace, but we all just sort of milled around trying to corral our children and only spoke when asked questions. Pretty reasonable, as far as I’m concerned, but the instructor seemed a bit at a loss as to why we were not all suddenly BFF - perhaps because our lack of interaction underscored the fact that this was less a thrilling yogic expedition and more a glorified play-date.

We’re signed up for three more classes in the series, and part of me sort of wants to bow out. I mean, whatever, it’s an excuse to get out of the house, right? But it’s an hour and a half out there and an hour and a half back, all for a one-hour class that isn’t particularly stimulating. Is a three-hour round-trip reasonable? I ask you, internets: would you go to so much effort? Or would you just sleep in?

I do sort of wonder if taking all four classes will help Happy Fun Baby find some balance, though. He’s such a physical kid that classes of some sort seem like a good idea. I suspect that he needs something a little more high-energy, but he’s too little for almost everything that comes to mind. What’s out there for a 16-month-old that isn’t Music Together or Itsy Bitsy Yoga?

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  1. Alexandra
    Posted April 16, 2007 at 8:00 pm | Permalink

    Honestly, sleep. But you are talking to one sleep deprived chickie. I wish I knew what other activities there are for young-ins, but I don’t. Are there some hiking trails that you could do with him in a backpack? Or some mom friends who you can cajole into joining with you on the yoga classes? Too bad it isn’t more structured - it sounds like it could be lots of fun.

  2. Posted April 17, 2007 at 7:35 pm | Permalink

    I think actually that story time at the library might be the answer - we went once several months ago and there was a lot of singing and clapping, but he was still pretty little (several months = 6 or so) so he wasn’t too into it. Now I think he’d love it. We’re totally giving it a try this week.

  3. Mrs. Flinger
    Posted April 24, 2007 at 6:55 am | Permalink

    I just enrolled LB in to soccer thinking that “high energy” is the way to go. Oy. It’s torture. But we did try library time this week and she freakin’ ADORED it. Lemme know how that goes.

    (I love the yoga idea, though, LUFF it. I was going to get a video for LB to do at home since she’s always copying me and saying, ‘DOWNWARD DAWG!” and then jumping up and down. She could use some direction…)

  4. Sarah
    Posted April 27, 2007 at 10:35 am | Permalink

    I think you should rest, or maybe find something else to do closer? If you do actually want to meet other parents I agree with the comment about the library…or Gymboree? I know that’s not very goth-y and may be a little too cheery chirpy, but it’s another option…

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