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i believe i can fly

Happy Fun Baby and I had an exciting outdoor adventure yesterday, courtesy Google Transit. Not So swears by Google Transit. I prefer to use TriMet’s website, since they’re, you know, not in beta. I know! I am such a beta whore, why no love for the Google? And the answer is simple: I love the betas, but only when failure to work correctly does not inconvenience me in the slightest. See, and you thought I was a hypocrite.

Anyhoo, Google Transit said I’d only need to get on the #44 to get out to my meeting (it was a meeting I was going to, did I mention? A meeting with some other graphic designers from PMI, which I recently joined, because I am a joiner. Also because PMI? Freaking cool). As we got closer to my stop, I began to feel somewhat uncomfortable about the directions, which involved detailed information like “Walk to final destination.” Um. Not even a navigational clue? I had a fuzzy memory of the map on my computer screen, which showed a tiny, curving arrow pointing me in the direction of my destination but which I had not printed out, because I = genius. I did remember that Google Transit had said that I’d have about a 15 minute walk, which should be a bit less than a mile. Long, but doable.

But never fear, BlackBerry Pearl is here! I showed my smartphone some love and pulled up Google Maps, which instantly told me to turn left and head down toward the main road. Love the lovely Google Maps. Then  it said to turn right and walk…almost a mile? Um. But what else was I going to do? I hoofed it down the side of the road, which for informational purposes I will mention did not have a sidewalk, chattering to the baby about the trees and the cars. As I got  close to the next turn, I clicked the “More” button on my phone. Turn right, it said. And walk another 3/4 mile.

Two things I’d like to point out: first, almost two miles is a lot more than almost one mile. About a mile more. An extra mile is a lot, especially when you’ve got a 25lb baby strapped to your chest. And secondly, this new road? A tiny, busy two-laner with no sidewalk - not even a bike lane - and a steep drop-off right next to the shoulder of the road.

But I walked it. Oh yes. Cars gave me a wide berth, and the baby delighted in all the trees, and I sang a little ditty under my breath that went much like “FUCK fuck fuck fuck fuck” as my heart pounded and I tried not to get us run over.

As soon as we made it to the end of the road I could see my destination, all beacon-like and shiny. I could also see something else: a bus stop. For the #1 bus. Which we connected with at several points on the #44. I COULD HAVE TAKEN A BUS THAT WOULD DROP ME OFF RIGHT OUTSIDE? GOOGLE TRANSIT, WHY DO YOU HATE ME?

When I got home, I saw that the original Google Transit page was still up in my browser, so I zoomed in on the map to see exactly how they thought I was going to get from my bus stop to my destination in less than a mile. Behold:

It’s so simple! I just need to go straight through several buildings and an expanse of forest! WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?

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