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I’m feeling somewhat disconnected tonight, so your update will be brought to you in easy to digest, bite-sized morsels, not unlike Fancy Feast. Only shorter on the Fancy. And smelling somewhat less of fish.

TV: My constant diet of Scrubs is slowly being replaced by a hearty helping of The Tube and a smattering of the Dresden Files. No BSG, since we missed the one before the last one and can’t watch the last one until we watch it. Clear? And Veronica Mars is still being recorded, but has faded from my affections. I prefer to remember Season I VM as-is, without the taint of Season II or the untamed mediocrity of Season III. Anyway we also have a stack of Lost episodes from Netflix, and we’re not watching those either. At what point does the Netflix membership become a financial drain? Note to self: watch Lost.

Music: I’m on a big Steve Burns kick lately. Who knows why. Too much Noggin? I keep listening the the unreleased version of Mighty Little Man (which is just…I don’t know why he changed it for the album version, because it is so deliciously confessional and good, and yes, I am a sucker for a confessional, why do you ask?), and there’s a part in which he says “I have my mother’s eyes” that makes me sad every time I hear it, because Happy Fun Baby? So does not have my eyes. The most he can say is “I have my mother’s poor anger management skills,” and is that really something you’d want to put in a song?

Books: I’ve been reading a truly obscene amount of material. Three entire books in the last week. That’s almost up to pre-baby consumption! And they’ve all been really good books, so yay for that. The Keep by Jennifer Egan is absolutely stunning, Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner is surprisingly un-fluffy for a chick book, and Lauren Slater’s Blue Beyond Blue: Extraordinary Tales for Ordinary Dilemmas is, like everything else Lauren Slater writes, filled with a brilliance that borders on insanity. Yay, psychologist writers! At least her name isn’t Jennifer. I also have roughly a dozen crochet books on loan from the library, all of which suggest that I should really learn how to read a pattern. I don’t want to learn how to read patterns, though. Patterns involve counting, and that’s practically math. How am I supposed to relax when there’s math involved?

There might be more, but I am tired now, and do not wish to delve. G’night, internet.

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  1. Lukas
    Posted February 1, 2007 at 12:33 am | Permalink

    I am trying to contact a Sandra Steeves, originally from Nova Scotia. Daughter of Jean Knickle Steeves. May be living in Ontario presently.

  2. Not So Cranky Dada
    Posted February 1, 2007 at 11:12 am | Permalink

    that last comment looks like spam.

  3. Posted February 1, 2007 at 11:47 am | Permalink

    Doesn’t it?

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