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carbs are good for the soul

2007 so far? Food-tastic. You may not think foodtastic is a word, but then, you haven’t been eating at our house.

On January 1, when most sane people are nursing a killer hangover, we whipped up an entire holiday meal, complete with 12lb turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and stuffing. Oh, and a pumpkin pie. Why not start out the new year with a feast and set the tone for the months to come? I expect this theme to continue into my bank account, and will be most put out if it just means I’m going to gain 10lbs.

Also on Monday (though after a tryptophan-related nap), we launched the couldbe studios site. Seriously! I know, it’s been, what, six months since we originally planned for the site to go live? Now that it’s finally up and running, I feel all official. I also feel like I should be scrambling to do something, anything, to generate buzz, which in turn makes me feel like a (wannabe) sell-out. Sigh. But that’s neither here nor there - the exciting thing is that our business is finally a business. We have a portfolio, a blog, an office…we’re practically legitimate! Now all we need is clients. The kind that pay us. You know the kind.

Today I decided to take a break from my obsessive code-checking and made banana muffins. Banana muffins are delicious and do not involve css, html or detailed stats reports. I can’t wait until Happy Fun Baby is old enough to help me cook; this was totally the sort of recipe he’d dig on. Mashed bananas! Mashed! Also, I suspect that if he could help, he’d spend significantly less time hanging off the baby gate and wailing.

I’m hoping the banana muffins bring me inner peace. I mean, hey, the turkey dinner brought us clarity and productivity, so it’s really not too much to ask.

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  1. Alexandra
    Posted January 4, 2007 at 7:11 am | Permalink

    Congratulations! If I come across anyone who needs it, I’ll send them your way. Btw, did the banana muffins bring you inner peace? If so, I should hop to it!

  2. Posted January 6, 2007 at 12:17 pm | Permalink

    Oh, if I could find the muffin that brings inner peace, you’d better believe I’d publicize it. It might be valium-flavored.

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