Most of our crib arrived on Thursday. You’d think a company which sells cribs and practically nothing else would pack said cribs in such a way as to ensure that all necessary pieces arrive at the same time. You’d be wrong.

Apparently at some point in its journey the box containing our crib encountered a polar bear or something similar. All the edges were mangled and torn; only the plastic strapping stuff held the box together. It was so bad the UPS guy wanted to send it back, but since we’d waited so long for the damn thing I elected to keep it.

When Not So got home and we unpacked what was left of the box, we found the actual crib bits to be in surprisingly good condition - only one minor ding on the inside bottom of one of the sides. Score! Putting the pieces together would be the only problem, of course. The instructions indicated that screws, bolts, casters and wrenches should be included for optimal crib assembly; these were, apparently, casualties of the polar bear attack.

I called the manufacturer on Friday and a very bored customer service rep immediately said we would receive our replacement hardware in a week. “Don’t you need to know which pieces are missing?” I asked. But no; apparently this happens a lot. Good to know.

In the meantime, we have a lovely stack of crib parts leaning against the wall…

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