Several things entertain me this morning, and none of them are Veronica Mars. Last night’s episode was…fine. It was a show. It just wasn’t my show. My show involves somewhat more darkness and intrigue and somewhat less matter-of-fact mystery solving. What happened to the emotional investment? The closest thing Veronica has to a mission these days is checking up on things behind Logan’s back…and since when is that an acceptable addition to a relationship? If the roles were reversed we’d be all “Dude, that Logan character is out of line,” but as it is we’re given the impression that it’s practically a tic on Veronica’s part. Which, whatever. She spies. We get it. How come that has to translate to borderline sociopathy?

It’s too bad, because by Season 3 you’d think a show would have hit its stride.I’m thinking wistfully of the halcyon days of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is apropos given Daddy Types’ report that there will soon be a Mr. Gordo stuffed plush pig available for purchase. Mr. Gordo! I am filled with fangirl squee.

Buffy Mr. Gordo Stuffed Pig Plush Replica

Somehow I doubt that there will be any cross-marketing of Veronica Mars merchandise, although a Vinnie Vanlowe spy pen would make a great stocking stuffer…

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