Pregnancy brought me many things, including a baby, which is pretty damn cool if you think about it. Somewhat less than cool are the post-pregnancy side effects: feet too big for my shoes, stretch marks, saggy boobs, extra pounds. Obviously the having of the baby outweighs the suckage of the side effects, but still, they do not thrill me.

Until today: I discovered that my eyesight has actually gotten better! This hasn’t happened, well, ever. I got my first pair of glasses at 12, and my vision’s gotten significantly worse every year since. Last exam (two years ago - I had to skip last year’s exam) I was up to -9 in one eye and -8.5 in the other. Coke bottles! Or they would have been, if anyone used glass for lenses anymore, but who does? Also: contacts.

It’s not like I’ll be going without corrective lenses anytime soon, but it’s nice to know I won’t be completely blind before the kid’s in kindergarten.

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