Ever since Not So got his Cold of Doom last month, I’ve had off-and-on sinus woes. This is nothing new. My sinuses are a sort of catch-all for any unpleasantness that enters my body. Allergies? Sinus headache. Cold? Sinus headache. I’m used to it. It’s relatively easy to deal with - just pop an Advil Cold & Sinus and drink some tea and all is well.

Except, no. Advil Cold & Sinus contains pseudoephedrine. Apparently pseudoephedrine has been co-opted by the always-industrious meth community. As a result, Oregon is now requiring a prescription for any medication containing pseudoephedrine.

Yes. You heard that right. I need a prescription for a freakin’ Sudafed.

Stupid meth-heads. They ruin things for everyone.

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