The CW: breakfast of champions, or overhyped zombie network? Too early to say, perhaps. I watch it in hopes my beloved Veronica Mars will step back from the precipice. At least this week was mercifully lacking in Aerie Girls. Can there be a less appealing gimmick than a room full of American Eagle-sponsored teenaged girls squeeing over primetime television? Also: I am. So. Old.

I will say this about the CW: it isn’t ABC Family. That’s a good thing, in case you’re just tuning in. They’re showing a horror movie marathon, ABC Family is. I can’t imagine how, but there you go. Sandwiched in with the clips from The Initiation of Sarah, Scooby-Doo 2 and The Corpse Bride are scenes from Misery. The promo ends with a truncated (…heh) clip of Kathy Bates taking a sledgehammer to poor James Caan.

Me: I have to say, that’s got to be one of the best horror-movie moments ever.
Not So: Mmm.
Me: …You have seen it, right?
Not So: …
Me: You haven’t seen it? You’ve read the book, right?
Not So: (unintelligible)
Me: …”I’m your Number One Fan”?
Not So: Yyyyeeessss.
Me: Yes?
Not So: Ye-es.
Me: Yes?
Not So: I must have.
Me: You must have read the book?
Not So: Or seen the movie. Or. Read the book.
Me: Or…maybe you didn’t.
Not So: But I think I must have. Unless I didn’t.

Well now that that’s cleared up.

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