Not So and I rearranged the living room this weekend. That statement isn’t in itself unusual (I am somewhat rearrange-addicted) but the results of this particular furniture-fest surprised us both. Couch in the alcove, bookcase against the other wall? All of a sudden, our house is home.

It only took us, what - five months? No one ever said we were prompt.

Since it finally feels like we live here, I was inspired to spend the morning putting things away and hanging pictures. Happy Fun Baby sat on the couch, watching me and chewing on a wooden pop-gun. Yes, I said gun, but no, it’s not actually a gun. It’s sort of a tube with a cork on a string, and a little thing you can push on the other end. If you do it fast enough, it makes a popping noise. And it’s made of wood, with brightly-colored painted bits, which is apparently irresistible to babies. Or at least my baby.

Speaking of my baby, he’s asleep on the futon right now. Are there words to describe how pleased this makes me? There are not. Play yard? No. Crib? NO. Even the yoga mat on the floor was met with only limited success. But let him stretch out on the couch like a grownup and he’s cosy as can be. He even - gasp! - puts himself to sleep! When he wakes up a little, he just looks around and then lets himself go out again. There is no screaming. There is no piteous “mamamamamamamaaaaaaa.” I have discovered the holy grail of naps, and all it took was ten months, give or take a few days.

Next I need to sort out the sleeping-through-the-night thing, because the waking up every hour thing is SO NOT DOING IT FOR ME. Maybe if we rearrange his nursery…

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