Last night I wandered upstairs, dejected. “I guess we can’t afford a jogging stroller right now,” I said. I’d spent the day perusing eBay and a parade of high-end stroller brands was marching through my head: Maxi Cosi, Bugaboo, Maclaren, Inglesino. We’d figured out earlier that we could afford $150 for a stroller but just barely, and then I remembered that I still need the book for my current class and that’s $50 at least. A decent jogging stroller for under $100 including shipping? Not gonna happen.

“I guess not,” said Not So.

I didn’t mention that I’d placed a bid on a seriously cute Combi in Key Lime (it would match my backpack, you see) because why bother? My max was like $65 and the stroller retails for between $229 and $300 and the auction was set to end at 8am (when I am so, so not awake). There was no chance in hell that I’d win it.

Except…I did!

Look how pretty….all green and gray and sporty. With shipping? $95. I am. So. Cool.

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