We had a wee bit of “extra” money this month, so I hit the discount stores and managed to find not only a pair of jeans ($5.50! Marked down from $44!) but also some shoes. Allow me to have a moment of silence for my formerly glorious shoe collection; I now own one - count them, one - pair of shoes in the proper size. What is that size, you ask? Why, 9 1/2! A full size larger than the “on the large side” shoes I wore before my pregnancy. A half size larger than what I thought my feet were before spending the day trying things on and thinking “How odd…they still pinch.”

Having shoes that fit has sparked a renewed interest in walking. Funny thing: pinched toes? Not so good for the motivation. But I am all about the walking now. Unfortunately the umbrella stroller is exactly the wrong height for long walks. I’m hunched over just enough to jack not only my lower back but my shoulders and neck as well. We trekked all over downtown the other day and last night my neck hurt so much I could barely sleep. Is a jogging stroller too much to ask? Nothing fancy; I don’t need a Bob (although, dude, if I were in the mood to covet? They are almost as covet-worthy as a Bugaboo. Which I also do not need, as I am forced to remind myself on an almost daily basis). In fact, the one I want is relatively inexpensive (especially at Baby Depot, although apparently they don’t carry it online). Perhaps I will abjectly beg ask for one for Christmas. Or the baby’s birthday. Because the baby totally wants a jogging stroller.

We went out today to look at office stuff today, and I wore my new shoes and my new pants. (It’s too bad I don’t have a new midsection to go with them; that would really be nice.) The office is coming along, slowly. The desk was finally delivered (yay!) and we’re in the process of getting liability insurance and then internet access, at which point we’ll set up the computer on the new desk and be good to go. Which is probably a horribly backward way of doing things, but what are you going to do, right? I’ve got so many ideas for making the space look pretty and I’m antsy to start making some money. This staying home with the baby thing? It’s nice, but I miss getting a paycheck. And having more than one pair of shoes.

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