One thing I am majorly covetous of is the iPod+ Nike thinger. You know, with the sensor that goes into the shoe and connects with the iPod and downloads your workout data and gives you shiny, pretty charts?

Nike + iPod website and screens

Isn’t that pretty? And shiny? Doesn’t it make you think “Gee, I want to run so that I can have charts”? Because there are those of us, and I’m not mentioning any names (because it’s me) who don’t, as a rule, run. We do not like to run. We like to stroll. But strolling does not generate charts, and it certainly doesn’t involve clever sensors.

Nike + iPod kit package

Unfortunately, the whole iPod+ Nike setup isn’t cheap. I know, you’re shocked. The sensor and receiver together (above) are actually only $29, but, see, you can’t use them unless you have an iPod Nano (+/- $149) and a pair of special Nike running shoes (+/- $109). And that, my friends, is just not in my price range.

Except that I found out this morning that Marware’s releasing for preorder a wee little strap thinger for connecting the sensor to any old shoes you want. For $9.95! $9.95 is totally in my price range.

Now I just have to scrape together enough for a Nano and life will be good. I do get an student discount…

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