My New Job Writing Transportation Management Software

I have landed this great new job writing transportation management software. It is exactly the kind of work I hoped to find, because it is the perfect blend of my degree in computer science and my minor in logistics. It is just perfect. The commute from my apartment is only 25 minutes, which is better than the 55 minutes I had to do at my last job. I really notice the difference in free time, and 25 minutes is just enough time for me to relax a little and enjoy some quiet time for the drive. The traffic is much, much easier, too, so there’s a lot less stress.

My pay is about 25% higher than my old job, too. The only drawback with this job is that I only get two weeks (ten days) vacation time, with no sick days or personal days for the first three years. Its really tough. But if I hang in there until the fourth year, then I get a full month off, all paid vacation.

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