Making Healthy Ice Cream at Home

We all love ice cream. If the ice cream is healthy, then that’s considered a bonus. The less fat you use in your ice cream, the better. So sherbet will naturally be healthier than ice cream. Ice milk is even healthier compared to sherbet.

The amount of fat in ice cream is really what makes it unhealthy. If you eat huge quantities of ice cream, then that sure is unhealthy. Ice cream, if consumed in moderate quantities can be healthy. Eat small portions and add healthy mix-ins such as fruits and nuts.

The good thing about owning an ice cream machine is that you’ll be able to choose the exact ingredients that you put in the ice cream mix. You can substitute non-fat ingredients to come up with healthy ice cream that you can eat without getting fat. Minding your health doesn’t have to mean that you have to avoid ice cream altogether.


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