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social networking IRL

I’ve decided to end my streak of bitter misanthropy and actually get out and socialize every now and again. Luckily this coincided with one of my oldest and prettiest* friends moving to Portland, where it is much easier to convince her to while away one evening a week passing judgment on everyone who is not [...]


For years I’ve been searching for the perfect red lipstick. Not too orange, not too fuchsia. You’d think this would involve a single trip to the makeup counters at Macy’s, but you’d be so, so wrong. I’ve been on the lookout for YEARS, people. Quests have been undertaken, and failed. I’d begun to think the [...]

more, now, again

SO, my husband is camping again. It’s lovely that my husband camps, and even lovelier that he does it without me (my idea of a vacation does NOT involve sleeping on dirt, with the bugs and the nature). But it’s his second week-long camping trip in as many months, and we’re WAY behind on work, [...]


The boys are camping this weekend.
Wait a second. Let me say that again: the boys are camping this weekend.
Given that there are three of us, with two of us gone that just leaves me. Alone. Completely, blissfully alone. For the entire weekend.
I barely know what to do with myself. I feel like the horse in [...]



We’ve actually started going to the gym! A leading motivator is the fact that they have kick-ass childcare which Ellison LOVES. He begs to be taken to the gym. It’s cute. (Related things that are kicking asses, namely mine: pilates. Ow ow ow.)
Ellison got into preschool! SO EXCITED OMG. He starts in the fall. [...]

scratch & sniff

My kid’s breath smells different when he’s sick. Not gross-different, but definitely different. My mom used to say that my breath smelled like rubbing alcohol when I was sick, and it’s kind of like that with Ellison too. It’s cool that the mom nose notices things like that, isn’t it? It’s like an early warning [...]


It was my birthday last week. Yes. I am 35 now, a solid, respectable age. I would have posted about it sooner, but usually I loathe my birthday for reasons which have absolutely nothing to do with age and absolutely everything to do with that one time when I was 14 and no one came [...]