Bathing Suits Fashion Vs Comfort

When it comes to articles of clothing ranging from bathing suits to yoga pants, a lot of women find themselves asking the question, “Should I choose fashion over comfort, or the other way around?” In determining the answer to this question, if you are a true lover of fashion, assess the level of discomfort that you are willing to put up with just to rock a fashionable outfit. At the same time, ask yourself how fashionable you want to look at the beach. What if you are just going to a beach where there will not be a lot of cute guys, but rather, retired people? What if it is just going to be a family trip to the beach? At any rate, there are some things that are considered to be a ‘must’ in the arena of bathing suit shopping, and it is that your bathing suit must keep your private parts covered - not just sometimes, or most of the time, but at all times.


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