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Cranky Mama is often very cranky. Sometimes she’s not, though. You kind of have to take your changes.

substance is in the eye of the beholder

…which I realize now is not a good title, as ’substance’ can go either way there. Whatevs. I stand by it (though at a safe distance).
I have nothing to say tonight, so I don’t know why I am posting. Except, obviously, to provide a public service to my adoring, er, public. (Note to self: invest [...]

slightly less unhealthy: the blog!

So I started another blog.
I had this Vox blog, right? And it was just sitting there, last post dated early 2007, and I was thinking I should just close the account when it occurred to me: I could repurpose the blog. That way, I could have a recipe blog without actually starting anything new! It [...]

in which there is much ranting about Heroes

We started watching Heroes a couple of years ago, and at first we were just gobsmacked by how good it was. But the latest season just blows, and after re-reading the TWOP recaps of past episodes, I’ve got some things to talk about, y’all, and it ain’t pretty. Also: SPOILERS!

almost a week late, but who’s counting?

My very small child is a somewhat less small child now, and I’ve got to say, I’m a little melancholy about it. Not that I want to stunt his growth or anything. What? I totally don’t, and categorically deny any rumors to the contrary.
I don’t miss all-night wakeups, endless nursing sessions, teething, drooling, or [...]

a very cranky christmas

Giant Yodel.

Giant Yodel: the tree skirt. It eats you, starting with your bottom.

Cranky Mama gets her craft on, just in time for the holidays.


6 random things
1. If I’d been a boy, my name would have been Jeffrey David.
2. My parents were sure they were having a boy. So sure, in fact, that they hadn’t discussed girl names.
3. I was named after my father’s dead ex who was stabbed to death by her boyfriend while on the phone with [...]

december already

Apparently it’s December, if the calendars can be trusted. And I say, why not trust the calendars? What did they ever do to you?
My kid is inexorably, adorably inching closer to three years of age, a time when he will miraculously be capable of rational thought and self-sufficiency. I am very certain I will [...]