For years I’ve been searching for the perfect red lipstick. Not too orange, not too fuchsia. You’d think this would involve a single trip to the makeup counters at Macy’s, but you’d be so, so wrong. I’ve been on the lookout for YEARS, people. Quests have been undertaken, and failed. I’d begun to think the perfect red was a mere legend, a story told to round-eyed children at the campfire. “And the princess’ lips were the ideal shade of red, with not a hint of fuchsia to be found.”

BUT THEN. I was perusing Sephora (as I am wont to do) and saw that DuWop has this new lipstick called “Private Red,” which is supposed to magically turn into the perfect red for every person who puts it on. I’ll spare you the ballad of my skepticism and just skip ahead to the part where I say AND IT WORKS.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Kiss kiss.

(I’d just like to note that, much as I would love it if they did, neither Sephora, DuWop or the campfire-story industry contributed any products, gifts or suggestions to the author of this piece, who is fully capable of waxing lyrical about lipstick all on her own.)

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