substance is in the eye of the beholder

…which I realize now is not a good title, as ’substance’ can go either way there. Whatevs. I stand by it (though at a safe distance).

I have nothing to say tonight, so I don’t know why I am posting. Except, obviously, to provide a public service to my adoring, er, public. (Note to self: invest in thesaurus.)

So instead of content, I bring you: listicle. You can thank me later.

6 (fannish) things (sort of) about me

  1. My high-school boyfriend (the first one, or possibly the second, or possibly both) tried to get me into Doctor Who, but despite the undeniable magnificence of Tom Baker’s neckwear, I found it rather meh. I was, however, secretly into The Prisoner, so one can’t argue that I was opposed to British sci fi. Though possibly one could make the argument that I was opposed to British sci fi with bad teeth.
  2. Not So and I started watching New Who about a year ago, because…I don’t remember why, and from the first episode I was hooked. It didn’t hurt that Christopher Eccleston comes across as completely insane as well as so woobie I can barely stand it. Seriously. That man, with those eyes. I have never seen an actor telegraph emotion so effectively before in my life. Don’t believe me? Watch the video for I Am Kloot and tell me you aren’t just completely fucking blown away. Go ahead. I will wait.
  3. So, predictably, I despised David Tennant in the role of the Doctor until the last 2 episodes of Season 2. The very mention of Mme. de Pompadour causes me to break out in hives. And Tennant’s Doctor, though apparently more true to Doctors of yesteryear, at least according to Not So, was way too frenetic and bouncy and not Christopher Eccleston for my taste.
  4. Then he finally went all woobie (yay!) and I started scrawling “Doctor + Rose 4ever” in the margins of my notebooks. (Not really. I don’t have notebooks.) Plus David Tennant has very nice eyes, if you like that sort of thing, and rather entertaining hair as well. And…what’s this? Scottish accent? Scottish accent?
  5. Don’t tell anyone, but Not So has eyes like David Tennant, with the chocolate brown and the come-hither and the swoon-inducing. You are all very jealous of me now. I do not blame you.
  6. I am (again, predictably) unsure about the New Guy, though the Confidential he did in which he waves his hands around like a crazy person goes a long way to assuage my fears.

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