What is a Garbage Disposal?

A garbage disposal goes by many names such as waste disposal unit, garburator, grabodrain and so on and so forth. A garbage disposal is basically an electronic device which you can install under your kitchen sink, between the drain of the kitchen sink and the trap.

The main function of the garbage disposal is to crush food particles and break it down into very tiny pieces, so that the food particles would easily go down the drain and thereby prevent clogging up of the drain. The food particles are generally broken down to a size of 2mm and less.

The garbage disposal was invented by an architect from Wisconsin who went by the name of John W Hammes in the year of 1927. The development of the garbage disposal took around eleven years and finally in the year 1940 garbage disposal was available in the market to the common man.

We hope you find the right garbage disposal for all your needs. Search online or walk to the malls, you will find one to suit your requirements.

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