We Made Our Own Christmas Hampers

We made some great Christmas Hampers for our friends and family last year. And we made them with a difference.

We found some clearance treasure chests at a homestore that was closing down. They were lovely chests, deep and rectangular with intricate art work carved into the rim around the lids. They were such good value we bought quite a few of them - without knowing quite what we were going to do with them.

A few weeks later we had an absolute brainwave. A lot of our family live quite a distance away and it is always hard to find a good family gift that will travel well. So we decided to make some christmas hampers, using the chests we’d bought as the containers.

So much better than baskets or cardboards boxes and the chest was a gift too. So we stacked the chests full of Christmas food and goodies like cakes, puddings and mince tarts and sent them off.

They were a real hit with all our family and friends. They loved them! Why not try sending Christmas hampers to your family and friends?


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