The Indian Bag from America

My aunt just came home from a business trip in Mumbai India. She stayed there for only 3 days so she didn’t have any time to pick us something as souvenir. My aunt is single and she loves all of her nieces and nephews. So what she did was she bought things at our country that can some way be connected to Mumbai India.

It was hard for her to do that especially since anywhere she goes, she’s always busy. I offered my help to her and I asked her that for me, I was hoping she could buy me the Mumbai minaudiere clutch I found online. I said it’s somehow connected to India since the name is Mumbai. She laughed and found it very silly but she agreed and I was happy about it.

The clutch I asked from her had an exotic snakeskin print. It was available in different colors but I chose the gold color because I found it more appealing than the other colors. It has an oval shape and also a long chain strap that will give you another option of carrying it.


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