Stuck in a Dead-end Job?

At some point or another, we will all find ourselves in a career cross roads. Should you relocate for a job? Should you change your industry to follow a passion? What are the benefits of a big versus small company? Questions are never ending when it comes to career-related decisions. While the Internet can be a great place to start your quest for the right answer applicable to your needs, it’s sometimes hard to weed out the useless, opinionated garbage sites from legitimate career advice articles. CareerBliss is a great website dedicated to helping people find happiness. They seek out experts in the field and analyze thousands of data points received from real past and present employees to help come up with useful facts and figures for the job hunter. For instance, you can find the best and worst cities in which to work-which his assessed based on employee responses and happiness rankings by cities. You can even find advice on what to do if you are offered a higher salary in a faraway location or if you aren’t getting along with your work environment.

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