Simple Treatment for the Kidney Stones Symptoms

The first concern of the treatment is to relieve the symptoms of kidney stones. The treatment will be different according to the type of the stone and the severity of the symptoms. If the symptoms are severe, then the patient may need to be treated when he is hospitalized. In case the stone pass with the urine, the stone have to be kept so that their type can be known.

For someone who is suffering the kidney stones, he has to drink at least 6 glass of water every day to produce enough urine. Sometime there may also be a need to give the fluids intravenous. Pain relievers are used to reduce the pain when passing the stone. If the stones are large, then the patient may need to use narcotic pain killer or anti-inflammatory drugs. According to the type of the stones, the doctor can also give the medicine that can help in reducing the size of the kidney stone or to remove the cause of the material that causes the stones.

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