Should you Get Your Kid a Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone

Modern society is immersed deeply inside of technology. People have smartphones, tablets and laptops for communication, work and entertainment. Most mobile device users are at least age 18-years-old and are somewhat familiar with modern technology. Many of them have been using this technology since they were very young.isa-thunderbolt

Kids who were born in 2005 and afterward have already been exposed to mobile technology at an early age. Many of these kids already know how to manipulate a smartphone and tablet and they can operate a laptop. So what type of device should a parent get their kid when they decide it is time for them to use technology? The following information will help to answer this question.

Most pediatric doctors and child psychologists agree that children below the age of 4 should not be exposed to a mobile device. They claim that these devices interfere with a child’s learning processes. The reality is that children are like sponges when they are between the ages of 1 and 4 and develop best with the outside world during this stage of life. Experts recommend that tablets be the first device that a children uses.

Tablets can be complex, but not as complex as a smartphone or laptop. Tablets are strait forward devices they do not require a lot of knowledge to use them and kids can easily manipulate them. Smartphones are a little more complex because of their ability to make and receive calls and to perform text messages. Laptops are the most complex of the three.

Parents should limit the amount of games and videos that children play and watch on their devices. Educational apps or software should be a priority for young people with technology. A good mom and dad will place these kind of applications on their child’s device. As a child starts to mature and becomes more familiar with technology they can then start using smartphones and laptops.

The following chart can be used as a simple guide to help people know which device is best suited for their children.

*Ages 1- 4 no technology at all.

*Ages 5 - 7 is the time that children should learn how to use a tablet.

*Ages 7 and up is the time they should be able to use a laptop.

Keep in mind that some kids can be a little more acclimated toward technology than others. So, a parent might be able to give their child a laptop at a younger age if they can handle using it. The bottom line is that a parent should give their child a mobile device when they have the maturity and knowledge about how to use them.

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