I had this idea yesterday. The idea involved losing twenty pounds, gaining muscle definition and becoming slender and willowy, but the short term version was: ha! I will do my yoga DVD! So what if it’s post-natal yoga? I am post-natal!

My body was not pleased about the whole thing, but gamely played along. My hamstrings might be so tight I could barely sit up with my legs flat on the ground (reach for my toes? Are you kidding?) but I managed to stick it out through all the ab work and most of the upper body strengthening exercises. I did skip some of the standing poses, but I joined back in for the stretching at the end, which was…kind of heavenly. Muscles I haven’t acknowledged in months were greeted and stretched like old friends. My neck admitted a certain amount of separation from my shoulder. The world was good.

Until this morning.

I woke up with an ache in my neck. Nothing horrible, just a pinch and an ache. Except then it grew. It grew and it grew until the pain extended from the base of my skull to my lower back. Seriously - I can feel it in my lower back when I turn my head.

It’s not cool. It’s not fun. And most of all? It’s not willowy.

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